The Hive

Carnail and Team Hydra Force spent ten days descending below the Traft Thieves’ Guild, fighting their way through the Hive, and then recovering: Uath 13-22 of CY 574.

Hive Day 1 (Uath 13) Entering the Thieves’ Guild. Descending to the skull face.

Hive Day 2 (Uath 14) Exploring the lower and upper slave cities.

Hive Day 3 (Uath 15) Passing from the upper city to the Hive; exploring the Hive. Two tyrants slain.

Hive Day 4 (Uath 16) Complete exploration of the Hive. Three tyrants and the Hive Mother Slain. Reamer stoned, Split Lip disintegrated, Awn and Digger incapacitated.

Hive Day 5 (Uath 17) Resting and exploring the library. Skinning the tyrants and doppelgängers.

Uath 18-21 Waiting for Digger and Awn to recover.

Uath 22 The journey topside.

The Hive

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