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Uath 15 (midnight)

Carnail sets the watches as before, with herself and Fogey first. [12am-2am] They discuss what they have seen so far. Carnail is puzzling over the strange depressions in half of the inner ring rooms. She puts forward the idea that this complex is some sort of brood-care chamber. Mostly she is going off of the fact that Velinax called it a “Hive”. She is imagining workers taking care of immature tyrants in the pools until they are able to care for themselves. Fogey points out that the “normal” doors on the rooms imply humanoid workers. Perhaps the city existed to support the slave workers needed to care for the young tyrants? Given that they know nothing of tyrant reproduction, it seems possible. Certainly the other half of the inner ring, the rooms that did not have pools, were living quarters for humanoids. The nursemaids when off duty? Or the governors of the city?

Reamer, Jizam, and Digger take the next watch [2am-4am], and Split Lip and Lee the final watch [4am-6am]. After that, the casters memorize and pray for spells, which does not take long [6am-6:45am]. Since the last rest, they have only used three – Infravision (Reamer), Dispel Magic (Awn), and Chant (Fogey). Reamer finally discovers a use for the amulet. It did not speed his rest time, but wearing it while he prepares his Infravision spell, he finds that he can memorize it in just five minutes, as opposed to the fifteen that it normally requires.

Fogey’s food from before has disappeared, but Carnail shares food from her bag [6:45am-7:15am], and the Team sets out again. They head directly for the last room on the level, the one blocked by blackstone.

Map: Brain Dog Room

Awn cats her dispel magic to bring the barrier down. As they enter the room, the first thing they notice is the otherworldly appearance of the place. Bizarre bas relief carvings dominate the walls, but the images are all of strange and indecipherable optical illusions. All of the stonework has been carved to create the appearance of oozing gray matter; nothing has a normal, structured shape.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” says Lee. The other members of the Team agree – they report a strong feeling of dread, anxiety, being watched, or a feeling that they are about to be discovered. Carnail is cautious because it is hard to get a sense of perspective in the room, but feels nothing beyond that.

Image: Inside the Room

Carnail tells the others to leave the room, but to remain in the hall nearby while she explores. Deeper in the room, she finds a series of depressions in the floor, very similar to the wading pools in the other rooms, but arranged in a ring around a large object. It is more-or-less egg-shaped, standing on end, but the entirety of it has been deeply etched with lines that make it resemble brain material. Distorted arms extend from this object outward toward each of the empty pools, with a strange appendage extending even further. This appendage seems almost alive in its appearance and substance, but does not move.

Carnail approaches the egg. In the hall, the others feel both an increasing sense of dread, and a sense of contact – something is reading their thoughts, poking through their minds, asking questions and receiving answers they do not offer, but are compelled to give. [7:35am]

Intellect Devourer has 200 Psionic Points. Is using 4 points per round on maintaining camouflage. In round 1, also uses 14 points at two points per character to perform ESP. It is looking to find the character with the worst saves but the best chance of attacking Carnail, to set up Domination. Total 18 points used so far. It cannot contact Carnail or use any powers on her because of her Helm of Mind Blank.

Carnail reaches the egg, and probes it with her spear. Despite the realism of the carving, it is stone, not living matter.

Round 2. Based on level and intelligence, Carnail has a 55% chance to spot invisible, but cannot use this until the devourer starts moving. Her only chance to detect it now while still is to bump into it as she moves. Luck roll = normal: no detection. The devourer decided to dominate Split Lip. It spends 5 points to attempt, and Split Lip fails his save. Hereafter it must spend 5 points per round to maintain the domination. Total 32 points used so far.

Split Lip charges into the room, draws his sword, and attacks Carnail. He misses, due to her displacement effect. Carnail considers rendering him unconscious, but doesn’t want to waste healing on him. She decides simply to elude him as she continues to explore the room for the source of his bewitchment.

Round 3. Luck roll = plus 1 = Carnail notes soft spot. Split Lip misses Carnail. 5 plus 4 points = 41.

Carnail probes the rock formations around the egg with her spear, all the while dodging the blows of Split Lip. She feels one particular lump yield slightly.

Image: The rock formations around the egg

Round 4. Carnail misses only on a natural 1, whether or not she can see it (even with the -4 to hit it is still a natural 1plus). Intellect devourer takes only 1 hp of damage from any hit, from psionic body equilibrium ability. Split Lip misses. 5 plus 4 points = 50.

Carnail strikes forward hard at the soft lump. Her spear plunges deep into it, and the lump stirs. She can see the creature’s form now – it looks like a massive brain atop clawed legs.

Image: brain on legs

She pulls her spear out, and the wound closes itself almost instantly, as if the creature had incredible regeneration powers. It darts to the side and disappears, blending into the surroundings almost immediately. Though she cannot see it, Carnail strikes at where it “should be”, and is rewarded by feeling her spear enter its body again. This time when she pulls the spear out, she notices a little silver scar at the entry point – she is damaging it, however slightly. She dodges Split Lip’s attack and hits it again.

Round 5. Carnail 2 hits (5 total). 5+4 points = 59. The devourer has used more than a quarter of its psi points and is continuing to be hit by Carnail. It decides to forgo the camouflage and concentrate on dominating.
Round 6. 5 points = 64. Carnail 3 hits (8 total).
Round 7. 5 points = 69. Carnail = 2 hits (10 total).
Round 8. 5 points = 74. Carnail = 3 hits (13 total).
Round 9. 5 points = 79. Carnail = 2 hits (15 total).
Round 10. 5 points = 84. Carnail = 3 hits (18 total).
Round 11. 5 points = 89. Carnail 2 hits (20 total).
Round 12. 5 points = 94. Carnail 3 hits (23 total).

Over the next eight minutes, Carnail continues to pierce the creature with her spear strikes while she dodges the attacks of Split Lip. It has taken an incredible amount of damage, but is still scurrying and scuttling about the room, and still forcing Split Lip to attack. Carnail sees that several of its wounds are seeping fluid. She is hurting it, just not nearly as much as the damage she should be doing.

Image: Carnail wielding her spear

Round 13. Devourer has used half its psi points, is at half its hit points, and Carnail remains undamaged. It decides to up the stakes. Jizam has a wand of slow and a wand of lightning. It is vulnerable to lightning, but it considers the risk worth taking. It plans to dominate Jizam, have him use his wand of slow on Carnail, and then unload the lightning wand on her each round. 5 points to attempt domination, but Jizam makes his save. 10 points = 104. Carnail 2 hits (25 total).

Jizam feels something contact his mind even more strongly – it is forcing him to attack Carnail, fervently suggesting he use his wands on her. He does not want to, he is not charmed, but still he feels like he cannot resist long. He takes out his wands, gives them to Fogey, tells the priest not to return them until Carnail approves it.

Round 14. The devourer continues its assault on Jizam. He fails his save and is forced to cast Color Spray in an attempt to stun Carnail. Carnail makes her save, Split Lip does not. 5 points for attempt plus 10 points for domination = 15 (119 total). Carnail 3 hits (28 total). Split Lip unconscious for 2 rounds.

Jizam cannot resist any longer. Stifling a cry for help, he enters the room, casts his Color Spray at Carnail. It covers a large enough area to include Split Lip – the creature itself does not seem to have eyes. The bugbear falls to the floor, unconscious. Carnail is unaffected. Jizam is relieved, even as he is forced to begin another spell. Carnail warns the others in the hall to stay out of the room.

Round 15. The devourer drops its domination of the unconscious Split Lip and goes after Awn. She has a better save but it is getting more desperate. 15 points is 134 total.
Jizam uses LB – hits Carnail and Awn = 13 points: Awn saves, Carnail saves, 7 points each.
Carnail at 81. Awn at 20 hp. Carnail 2 hits (30 total). Split Lip unk (1)

A bare second after Split Lip collapses, Awn draws her sword and charges into the room, going after Carnail. Jizam draws back and casts his lightning bolt. He is not trying to hit Awn, but in seeking to avoid the creature, he hits Carnail and Awn both.

Round 16. Jizam is now out of combat spells, so the devourer drops his domination, and just maintains that on Awn. Carnail 2 hits = 32 total. 139 psi used. Split Lip unk (2)
Round 17. Carnail 2 hits = 34. Split Lip (conscious) fails save. 15 points = 154.

Jizam feels the force controlling him lapse. He takes the opportunity to dash out of the room, and a fair ways down the hall outside. Fogey cautions him to stay in sight. Carnail is tiring – some of her attacks actually miss the creature. She forces herself to continue, even as she dodges Awn’s blows. Split Lip rises from the floor, picks up his sword, and renews his assault on Carnail.

Round 18. Carnail 2 hits = 36. 165 psi.
Round 19. Carnail 2 hits = 38. 175 psi.
Round 20. Carnail 3 hits = 41. Devourer misses. 185 psi.

Split Lip and Awn try to hem Carnail in, but their blows deflect harmlessly off her armor. She spins and twists, relentlessly carrying out her assault on the creature, which is now moving slowly and oozing forth fluid freely. Rather than move away, it turns on her, and itself begins to attack, raking her ineffectually with its clawed paws.

Round 21. Dev misses. Carnail 2 attacks = 43 hits. 195 psi.

Carnail plants two mighty thrusts in the body of the creature, and it goes into spasms. Awn and Split Lip swoon and lay panting on the ground.

Carnail gives everyone a few minutes to recover while she more carefully searches the room, but finds nothing. She then asks them whether their feelings of dread have diminished. They report that they have not – everyone but her still feels like they are about to be discovered at any minute. Carnail gives up on the place. [8:05am]

Hive xp (11)

They have explored the entire level but have not found any obvious ways up. There is one tower they passed free of blackstone – that will be their access. Carnail leads the Team to the tower. They ascend the spiral staircase, nearly identical to that of the other tower. The observation level reveals more, however. They are higher-up on the mountain, closer in to the center of the mountainous floor of the upper cavern. Above them they can still see the star-like lights, but now they can also see, closer at hand, bright flames, seeming to emerge from the center peak of the floor. A volcano?

Digger and Fogey doubt it, but Awn and Reamer recall the Eye of Zargon in Cyndiciea. [8:15am – 1 hour of infravision]

The Team holds the rope and they descend in reverse order of weight, Split Lip first and then the others, with Digger penultimate but Lee last, levitating down. It is a forty-foot drop to the cavern floor.

The cavern is very rough, with a series of ridges, crests, chasms, and crevasses. It is also, on average, a steep ascent to the center. It takes them about an hour and a half to ascend to the central point. At one point, Carnail is scaling a ridge when she slips on loose stone and falls, hitting her head on a rock outcrop. [Carnail takes 8 points, to 73]. At another spot, Carnail is leaping over a crevasse to establish a rope-line as she has done many times before. She misses this jump and tumbles into an abyss. Roped to her, Reamer, Awn, Fogey, and Jizam are dragged over the edge as well, until Split Lip is able to brace himself and stop the chain reaction. All of those who fell hit the hard rock side.

Carnail takes 3 points, to 70. Reamer takes 3, to 17. Awn takes 3, to 17. Fogey takes 1, to 36. Jizam takes 1, to 17.

View: Upper and Lower City Cutaway

Finally the team arrives at the bottom of some sort of structure. [9:45am – 2 hours of Infravision] A cylindrical column made of stone blocks comes up out of the natural stone of the cavern floor. In all likelihood it is the same central column which allowed them to ascend from the lower level to the upper level of the city. Its top can be seen, just twenty feet above where they stand, and it is clear that on top of it there are four distinct, brightly burning flames. Carnail takes the time to walk completely around it herself, making sure there are no entrances, before she sends Lee levitating up. [9:55am]

Map: Platform – Side View

Lee rises to the top and has a quick look about. The platform, unlike anything they saw in the city below, has been tended to recently by someone or something. This is little dust and no debris on its surface. Surrounding a large shaft about forty feet in diameter are four braziers, one at each point of the compass. Each brazier stands over ten feet tall and wide. Clean flames flicker from each of them, giving off enough light to keep the platform well lit, and there is the faint smell of lamp oil.

Image: Platform – Detail

Lee throws down the rope, and, in reverse order of weight, the Team ascends. They spend a few moments examining the platform. At eight points immediately around the deep shaft are thick stones set into the platform itself. The whole platform is inlaid with colored tiles that form intricate patterns. It is difficult to discern the patterns from this vantage point, but it is likely that the images are much clearer from the opening directly overhead, right at the point of a huge stalactite that is easily as large as the mountain below housing the city. In fact, it appears as a mirror-mountain, funneling down to a center point instead of rising up.

Although there is no worked stone visible above, there is a clear central hole directly over the shaft of this platform. And while there are no towers, there are smaller stalactites protruding down from it. It is these that are now visible as the source of the “starlight”, for some of them seem to have lighted windows. [10:05am]

No one is sure how high up it is to the matching hole above, but they all agree it is farther than the length of the rope. Carnail wants to explore one of the stalactites hanging down – she selects one without lights, nearest the entrance of the hole. Fogey casts his solipsism and conjures forth a solid stone spiral staircase rising up from the platform all the way to the reverse spire. In less than ten minutes they have all believed it sufficiently to ascend the stairs. [10:15am – 3 hours of Infravision]

Image: The Gap

Hive xp (12)

The spire is obviously designed for someone who floats, for inside it is of several levels connected by a narrow shaft. Lee helps them explore the few chambers and make sure that it is deserted. Once it has been searched, Carnail calls for them to camp and rest on the second-lowest floor, which has room enough to spread out and no danger of falling.

Image: The Spire

Carnail sets the standard watch schedule, though inwardly she doubts that they will be disturbed, as their campsite is so inaccessible once Fogey’s stair has faded away. She empties out her bag for the day, providing everyone with a half-meal. Carnail summons the box with their adventuring gear; it comes, but after too long a delay for being so close by. [10:45-11am]

Before sleeping, Awn casts two cure light wounds, one each on herself and Reamer, while Fogey casts one on himself.

Hive xp (13)

Carnail takes out her ioun stone, and has it circle her while she is on watch.
[Carnail, Reamer, Awn, Fogey to full. Jizam is still down 1 hp, at 17.]

The Team rests the six hours the spellcasters need. [11am-5pm]. Afterward, they recover spells: Solipsism and Cure Light Wounds (Fogey), Lightning Bolt and Color Spray (Jizam), Dispel Magic and two Cure Light Wounds (Awn), and Infravision (Reamer). [5pm-6:15pm]. Since they are already out of food, Carnail allows Fogey to take a Create Food, cast it, and immediately replace it with his planned spell. [6pm-6:30pm] Everyone eats. [6:30-7pm]

Hive xp (14)

Once everyone is ready, Carnail speaks with Fogey about what sort of solipsism would be needed to cross over from the spire they are in to the main shaft. The dwarf says that he could make a rope bridge easily enough, but not until the shaft has been scouted. He is not wasting a solipsism on a bridge if it will be immediately dispelled by a tyrant lurking on the other end. Carnail agrees.

Carnail has Reamer give Lee infravision, and then Lee levitates out of the spire. She works her way hand over hand to the shaft, and then ascends up inside.

Image: The shaft

At about sixty feet up, the central shaft continues vertically, but four smaller shafts, equidistant apart, come off of the main shaft. They also go up, but at about a 45 degree angle rather than straight up. Lee continues up the central shaft. After another fifty feet up, the shaft begins to open out, growing ever wider. It continues to do so until it is fully over a hundred feet wide and Lee can barely see all the walls when she is in the center. The huge, open space eventually domes out above. Lee sees no other exits, and no features, but it is possible that small details are hiding in the darkness. [7-7:15pm]

Image: The chamber

Lee returns to Carnail and reports. Then she begins ferrying people into one of the side tubes, starting with Carnail [7:25-8pm]. The angle is steep, but walking it slowly and with light there is but a small chance of falling and sliding back. Carnail starts up the tunnel while Lee returns to the Spire to gather Split Lip. He hangs on to her, supported by his own strength. She is not strong enough to carry him, but her levitation can support his weight provided he hangs on himself. She is bruised and winded, but manages it. Carnail waits at the top of the slanting tunnel, where it intersects a larger tube or torus [7:35pm]. This tube is forty feet in diameter, perfectly round, smooth, and level. Two people can walk comfortably side by side; any more than that abreast would find the sloping sides of the tunnel unbalancing.

Map: The tube 1

Carnail goes slowly, keeping within site of the entry from below, until Split Lip emerges [7:40pm]. Then she beckons him to her and they advance counterclockwise along the ring. It is but a short time later when they hear the echoes of heavy footsteps booming down the tube. Carnail and Split Lip accelerate to a jog and continue forward. As they round the “corner”, they come into sight of a large, heavy creature.

Carnail and Split Lip charge forward. Carnail hits it once with her spear. To her surprise, the spear does not sink into soft flesh, but rather cracks stone – the thing is an enormous, moving, stone statue. It shoots some sort of beam from its eyes at her, but she is not affected. By the time Split Lip reaches her side, she has hit it twice more. It lies motionless on the floor of the tube, one arm broken off and large cracks running through it.

Image: Tube statue

Hive xp (15)

Carnail and Split Lip return to the hole where, one by one, the members of the Team emerge. Once they are all together, they set off down the tube. [8:05pm – 1 hour of Infravision for Lee]. Passing the body of the statue, they soon find a large hole in the ceiling, with a smaller tube leading directly up. Carnail has Lee pull her up.

Together, they walk down a short passageway and peer into the cylindrical room, which is vertically aligned.

Image: Tyrant Chamber

At the bottom, there are a few tables on the floor, with dried herbs and bits of metal on them but largely ordered and tidy. It has obviously been much more recently used than the city below, but still looks as though it has not been disturbed in months. All around the room are large, polished, circular mirrors – a total of eight. Above, a net hangs suspended just below the ceiling. Lee lowers Carnail down and they search the floor quickly, but find nothing of interest. [8:25pm]

Lee and Carnail return to the Team waiting below. They used lights when inside the chamber, but had the Team wait in darkness. They asked whether their lights could be seen from below, and the others say that they could, though they were not particularly bright. Carnail says that they seem to be among current tyrant lairs, and they may now use their lights, but are to keep monitoring them to see if they go out.

Carnail leads the group further along the tube.

Map: Tube 2

They pass, in order, a large tube going down vertically, a large tube going down at an angle (assumed to be one of the four access ways from below, meaning that they are a quarter of the way around the circle), a large tube going straight up, a small tube going down at a sharp angle, a large tube going up, a large tube going down at an angle (half way around), and a large tube going up. [8:30-10pm – 3 hours of Infravision]

Map: Tube 3

Soon after the last up tube, the floor of the corridor is seen to have many down tubes, but all of them covered with iron grates, six in all (3-12).

Map: Tube 4

Carnail peers into the first one and amplifies her light – it is a simple, vertical shaft, going down about 20 feet. She presumes it is a prison cell and moves on.

There are two more large holes down, one of which is taken as the three-quarter’s mark [10:45pm], and then another series of fifteen of the putative prison cells. The seventh cell is missing the grate – it is nowhere to be seen in the hall, but there is a large ceiling tube above it.

Map: Tube 5

The next length of tube is bare, all the way until the Team returns to what they take to be the way they came up and in, and shortly beyond that, the stone statue Carnail destroyed. [11:30pm – 4 hours Infravision]. Now that they know they have been completely around the torus, Carnail reflects a bit. So far, they have been going up, and up, and up – if there are any tyrants around, Carnail wagers that they will be in the tunnels going up off of the main tube, rather than the ones leading down. She decides to investigate these first. Passing by the up tunnel that she and Lee were already in, Carnail leads the party to the next up tube. She tells them to wait there for her. Before a possible engagement, she wants to make sure that their backs are clear. She will run the opposite way, all the way around the tunnel by herself, and back to the party. [11:35pm]. Carnail explains her plan to Lee, and then takes off by herself in the dark, trusting to her infravision.

Image: Carnail by herself in the dark

Five minutes later she has returned to the party, not having seen anything new on her circuit. [11:35pm]. She and Lee prepare to ascend the tube above them.

Lee lifts Carnail up the tube. There are two side-branches, and they alight on the ledge of the lower one. They cautiously advance to where the ten foot high branch opens into a forty-foot high cylindrical chamber.

Image: Side-branches

The chamber is sparse and contains no furnishings. There is, however, a large crank on one wall with some sort of metal cable running from it to the other wall, transverse across the chamber. At each end of the cable is a humanoid creature, roughly six feet tall with dark, leathery skin. At the far end of the chamber floats a tyrant sphere.

Image: Tyrant Chamber 8

Image: Creatures

Image: Tyrant Sphere

Surprise Round
Sikrewxes the Tyrant presents his side to the characters, so that his Slow, Charm Person, and Flesh to Stone eyes are active. In the surprise round he uses Charm Person on Carnail (negated by mind blank) and his Flesh to Stone on Lee (successful saving throw).

Round 1
Carnail jumps down to the floor of the room (save. vs dex for no damage, no Tumbling ability because of stiff dragon hide). Lee makes to activate the whip.
I10. Carnail charges at the doppelganger near the crank. It changes into a copy of her. She hits for 16.
I10. Tyrant shoots a Slow at Lee. Tyrant version is one target, no save, half speed. Lee is Slowed.
I4. Tyrant shoots a Charm Person at Carnail. Mind Blank.
I3. Tyrant shoots a Flesh to Stone at Carnail. Carnail saves.
I2. Lee activates the whip, creating an Antimagic field and negating her slow. First use today.
I1. Carnail hits the doppelganger, killing it.
The tyrant in the upper chamber is alerted by the noise of combat.

Round 2
Carnail charges second doppelganger, which also assumes her form and prepares to attack. Lee takes out her bow and targets the tyrant. The tyrant switches all attacks to Carnail.
I10. Lee hits the tyrant with an arrow for 6 damage.
I7. Carnail hits the Doppelganger for 15.
I7. The tyrant shoots a Charm Person at Carnail (Mind Blank).
I6. The tyrant shoots a slow at Carnail (ring of free action).
I4. Lee hits the tyrant with an arrow for 6 damage.
I4. Carnail kills the second doppelganger and charges the tyrant.
I2. The tyrant shoots a Flesh to Stone at Carnail. She makes the save.
I1. The tyrant is hovering out of melee range but Carnail throws her spear, hitting for 16 damage. The tyrant from the upper chamber drops down into the corridor among the rest of the Team. The tyrant in combat with Carnail rotates its body so that its upper surface, with all ten small eyes, is facing her.

Round 3 (above)
I10. Lee shoots an arrow at the tyrant but misses.
I8. Tyrant shoots a Fear at Carnail. Mind Blank.
I7. Tyrant shoots a Cause Serious Wounds at Carnail. 11 damage, Carnail to 77.
I6. Tyrant shoots a Slow at Carnail. Free Action.
I6. Tyrant tries to Telekinese Carnail. Free Action.
I6. Tyrant shoots a Death Ray at Carnail. Above maximum level.
I5. Tyrant shoots a Disintegrate at Carnail. Carnail makes save.
I4. Tyrant shoots a Sleep at Carnail. Above maximum level.
I4. Tyrant shoots a Charm Person at Carnail. Mind Blank.
I4. Tyrant shoots a Flesh to Stone at Carnail. Carnail makes save.
I4. Lee hits the tyrant with an arrow for 5 damage.
I3. Carnail hits the tyrant with a thrown spear for 18 damage.
I2. Carnail hits the tyrant with a thrown spear, killing it.

Hive xp (16)

Round 3 (below)
I8. Tyrant shoots a Slow at Fogey. No save. Fogey slowed.
I8. Tyrant shoots a Cause Serious Wounds at Digger. First Attack misses – displacer cloak.
I7. Tyrant shoots a Flesh To Stone at Digger. Digger saves.
I7. Awn throws her hammer at the Tyrant. 5 damage.
I6. Digger uses his Wand of Fog. 94 charges remain. Corridor begins to fill with fog.
I2. Jizam uses his Slow Wand on the Tyrant. 8 charges remain.
I1. Fogey retreats, shouting “Code Orange” at the tube overhead.
Reamer and Split Lip attempt to engage the Tyrant, but it is hovering out of melee range.

Round 4
Lee uncoils the whip and lowers it down to Carnail, who runs up the wall, jumps, and grabs it to pull herself up. The Team below blocks off the hall so that the tyrant cannot get by them, but unbeknownst to them, it retreats the other way in the fog.

Round 5
Carnail throws her spear down the shaft, hoping to get lucky and hit something in the fog. It lands in the corridor.

Round 6
Carnail and Fogey shout back and forth, updating each other on their statuses. Lee turns off the whip.

Round 7, 8
Bracing themselves against the wall of the branch they are in, Carnail climbs on top of Lee, with her feet resting on Lee’s shoulders, her ankles grabbed by Lee’s hands. Once they are set, Lee levitates up the shaft, with Carnail going hand over hand up the wall. Carnail clears just her face over the edge of the floor of the second, higher branch. She does not see anything in the branch.

Round 9 [11:45pm]

Leaving Lee back at the shaft, Carnail advances to the opening of the shaft with the upper room.

Image: Tyrant Chamber 7

Round 10
Carnail looks into the upper room. Immediately six long, strand-like tentacles shoot out of the room at her, from above. One hits (Carnail saves vs. poison). Carnail hits three of the tentacles for 16, 14, and 16 points of spear damage.

Round 11
Lee drops down the shaft to assist the other team members. Carnail hits the remaining tentacles as they retreat, for 13 points points each to two of them. She stands in the opening to the room, but is not attacked.

Round 12
Carnail inspects the room with her light. Near the entrance is a large creature shaped like a log with tentacles, clinging to ceiling but not moving. Some sort of sappy liquid flows freely from its wounds. The floor of the chamber is barricaded by a number of low walls, which will make it difficult to reach the far end. There is nothing else visible, though many things could be hiding behind the barricades.

Round 13
Having seen that the Team is okay, and the tyrant nowhere around, Lee begins to levitate back up the shaft.
Carnail throws her spear at the creature on the ceiling. She dislodges it and the creature, spear embedded, crashes to the floor with a disgusting plop. Carnail recalls the spear.

Hive xp (17)

Rounds 14-18
While Lee ascends the shaft, Carnail jumps down and searches the room. She does not find anything of interest.

Round 19 [11:55pm]
Lee helps Carnail up and out of the room.

Round 20
Lee and Carnail descend to the lower room).

Image: Tyrant Chamber 8

Rounds 21, 22
Carnail searches the room and removes the smaller eyes from the slain tyrant.

Round 23
Lee helps Carnail back up to the shaft.

Round 24 [12am- 5 hours of Infravision]
Carnail and Lee descend to the floor of the corridor. The fog has dissipated but there is no sign of the tyrant. Carnail says that they will push ahead, counterclockwise, to the next “up” entrance.

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