Jelifer and Company

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Jelifer is the leader of a group of four adventurers. They were investigating rumors of a tyrant in Burke’s crossing and were turned to stone. Lee and Team Hydra Force rescued them. Later they worked to pay of their debt (stone to flesh) to Carnail by training people at the Training School.

Jelifer Kasma, human female fighter (level 6)
Khulgrim Irontoe, dwarven male fighter (level 5)
Eris Camahan, human male thief (level 4)
Londra Camahan, human female mage (level 4)

Londra’s Spells:
1st: Change Self, Color Spray, Dancing Lights, Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer, Shield, Wall of Fog
2nd: ESP, flaming sphere, fool’s gold, improved phantasmal force, knock, leomund’s trap, levitate, magic mouth, web, whispering wind

Nion 10 – Team Hydra force encounters them taking rooms at the inn in Burke’s Crossing

Nion 12 – Jelifer’s Team enters the tyrant lair and are overcome. She is trapped in blackstone and the others are turned to stone.

Nion 19 – Team Hydra Force rescues Jelifer from the blackstone.

Nion 20 – THF assaults the Tyrant, with help from Jelifer

Nion 21 – Jelifer is taken to Probable (via mike, blindfolded)

Fearn 4 – THF recovers the statues of her team, without Jelifer

Fearn 5 – The statues are moved to the Holy City

Fearn 8 – Voyear casts stone to flesh on Eris and Londra, then raise dead on Eris.

Fearn 9 – Voyear casts stone to flesh on Khulgrim

Fearn 15 – Eris, Londra, and Khulgrim take flying ship to Probable

Fearn 16 – Jelifer, Londra, Eris, and Khulgrim take flying ship to Burke’s Crossing

Fearn 20 – Jelifer, Londra, Eris, and Khulgrim, accompanied by Lee and Awn leave Burke’s Crossing by land, heading for Veerbig Hill trying to find Dame Mikanda. Fearn 25 – arrive at Cumbert. Saille 3 – arrive at Keep of the Pass. Saille 5 – arrive Veerbig Hill.

Saille 9 – No sign of Mikanda. Carnail tells Lee to guide the group to Traft. Saille 10 – arrive at Keep of the Pass. Saille 12 – Carnail meets them on the road, offers them jobs training in Probable or work as a reserve team in Traft. Saille 13 – arrive Traft

Saille 14 – Eris, Londra, Khulgrim to flying ship to Probable. Jelifer remians in Traft with Team Hydra Force.

Saille 15 – Duir 4 Eris, Londra, and Khulgrim working at Training School

Saille 16 – Jelifer is ambushed by Eye agents outside the Green Lady Inn, along with Team Hydra Force.

Saille 20 – Jelifer and Team Hydra Force attack the warehouse and recover Velinax. Jelifer is charmed and lost on the way back to the garrison.

Saille 21 – Jellifer is rescued.

Uath 2 – Carnail tells Jelifer that she will not accompany Team Hydra Force to the Hive.

Uath 4 – Jelifer travels by flying ship to Probable

Uath 5 – Duir 4 – Jelifer working at Training School

Uath 11 – At feast in Probable

Jelifer and Company

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