Fogey (Fognar Glorcral) Last Update 5 Luis 574 – 23 July 2011
Neutral Good

Fighter /Cleric 6/7
Fighter XP: 38850 (Needs 70K)
Cleric XP: (gets +10%) 92950 (Needs 110K)

Hp. 37 AC-1 (2) Plate+1, Shield+1

Str. 13 45 pounds unencumbered
Int. 13 +3 NWP
Wis 18 +4 to mind spell saves, +2/2/1/1 bonus spells
Dex 15 -1 AC
Con 12
Cha 12 (13 to dwarves +1 reaction)

Age 326 (old) Height: 4’6” Weight: 150 pounds
Scroll with cleric spells: Detect Evil, Protection From Evil, Silence 15’ radius

2 (base cleric) + 1 (5th priest) = 3 (not used) Thaco 16 (not used)
4 (base fighter) + 1 (4th fighter) = 5 (used; next at 7th) Thaco 15 (used)
Shortsword, Broadsword, Dagger, Mace, Light Crossbow

Shortsword+1 (d6/d8) used for Size L
Dagger+1 (d4/d3)
Mace+1 (d6+1/d6) used for Size S/M
Light Crossbow (d4) used for missile 6/12/18
3 (base fighter) + 1 (4th) + 1 (7th) = 5 (not used)
4 (base cleric) + 1 (4th) + 1 (7th) = 6 (used; next at 10th) + 3 (Int) = 9 total
General: Cooking (1), Direction Sense (1), Common, Spoken (1), Gnomish, Spoken (1)
Cleric: Dwarven, Spoken (free), Dwarven Runes, Reading and Writing (free),
Religion, Dwarven (free), Common, Reading and Writing (1)
Gnomish, Reading and Writing (1), Engineering (2)
Fighter: Mountaineering (1)

Dwarven Racial Abilities:
+3 on saves vs. poison, magic. Infravision. Stonework.
+1 to hit goblinoids. -4 to be hit by Size L.
+4 to all magical, mental attacks (Wis)

Saves Fighter Cleric
Paralysis, poison, death magic 11 7 +3 to poison (dwarf)
Petrification, Polymorph 12 10
Rod, staff, wand 13 11 +3 to all (dwarf)
Breath Weapon 13 13
Spells 14 12 +3 to all (dwarf)
Spells: Can cast 5/5/3/2

Typically Carries (when Clearing near Logging Camp)
1: Cure Light Wounds x3, Bless, Sacred Guardian
2: Cure Moderate Wounds x3, Slow Poison, Speak with Animals
3: Hold Poison, Remove Paralysis, Prayer
4: Free Action, Tongues

Spells Known
(Dugmarenite Spheres: All, Astral, Charm, Divination, Guardian, Numbers, Protection, Thought, Travelers, Wards. Minor Access to: Chaos, Creation, Healing)

(All) Bless, Combine, Detect Evil, Mending, Purify food and drink First
(Chm) Command, Remove Fear
(Div) Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Snares & Pits, Locate Animals or Plants
(Gu) Sacred Guardian
(Hl) Cure Light Wounds
(Nmb) Analyze Balance, Personal Reading
(Pr) Protection from Evil, Sanctuary, Endure Heat, Endure Cold
(Tht) Emotion Read, Thought Capture
(Trv) Know Direction
(Wrd) Anti-Vermin Barrier, Weighty Chest

(All) Brightmantle, Chant Second
(Chs) Dissension’s Feast
(Chm) Enthrall, Hold Person
(Div) Augury, Detect Charm, Find Traps, Know Alignment, Speak with Animals
(Gu) Silence 15’ radius, Wyvern Watch
(Hl) Slow Poison, Cure Moderate Wounds
(Nmb) Moment
(Pr) Barkskin, Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Withdraw
(Tht) Idea, Mind Read
(Trv) Aura of Comfort, Lighten Load
(Wrd) Frisky Chest, Zone of Truth

(All) Prayer Third
(Chs) Miscast Magic, Random Casualty
(Crt) Create Food & Water, Create Holy Symbol
(Div) Locate Object, Speak with Dead, Extradimensional Detection
(Gu) Glyph of Warding
(Hl) Cure Blindness or Deafness, Repair Injury, Hold Poison
(Nmb) Moment Reading, Telethaumaturgy
(Pr) Dispel Magic, Magical Vestment, Negative Plane Protection, Protection from Fire,
Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis
(Tht) Emotional Control, Memory Read, Telepathy
(Trv) Create Campsite, Break Camp, Helping Hand, Know Customs
(Wrd) Efficacious Monster Ward, Invisibility Purge, Squeaking Floors, Thief’s Lament,
Zone of Sweet Air

(All) Focus Fourth
(Chm) Cloak of Bravery, Free Action, Imbue with Spell Ability
(Div) Detect Lie, Divination, Reflecting Pool, Tongues
(Nmb) Addition, Dimensional Folding, Probability Control
(Pr) Protection from Evil (10’R), Protection from Lightning, Repel Insects, Spell Immunity
(Tht) Genius, Mental Domination, Rapport, Solipsism, Thought Broadcast
(Trv) Circle of Privacy, Tree Steed
(Wrd) Fire Purge, Weather Stasis

722 (your first entry)
+122 (Gort 15, 572 – valentine bandits – you)
+75 (Luis 24, 573 – ogres in the snow – you)
+62 (13 Tinne, 573 – spiders in the thicket – me)
+24 (Muin 1, 573 – northern bear – me)
+28 (Muin 16, 573 – hydra – us)
+41 (Muin 24, 573 – spiders)

= 1074 total Akmute xp

1104 xp (573 Gort 3, hornet)
1120 xp (573 Gort 10, centipedes)
1233 xp (573 Gort 11, giant timber rattlers)

Mage 1: 25xp
Mage 2: 50 xp
Mage 3: 175xp

797 xp (573 Muin 15, 573 hydra)
872 xp (573 Muin 20, training school)
1022 xp (573 Muin 21, training school)
1063 xp (573 Muin 24, spiders)
1093 xp (573 Gort 3, hornet)
1109 xp (573 Gort 10, centipedes)
1222 xp (573 Gort 11, giant timber rattlers)

Mystic Training: (2000gp)
Perceive Illusions (See the World): 6 weeks, mod by Luck roll and Int
Spells and Undead Turning (Influence the World): 6 weeks, mod by Luck roll and Int
Plus 1 week per specific first level spell

Split Lip
+2 bardishie just got the bardishie not pro yet. (after SB agent)

Sheild +1 from Beach Head II

Iuz gem encrusted schimatar
Shield +1 awn
Potion undead



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