Digger (Gareth Diggerdown) Last Update 14 Pethboc 573 – 15 January 2009

Level 2 Mystic (Free Binder) 1349 xp (14 Pethboc, 573) – needs 2400

Hp. 7 AC-6 Thac0 = 20
(7 hp left from fighter: now receives d4/level)
(don’t count until 7 hp exceeded)

Str. 14 55 pounds unencumbered, 170 lbs max press
Int 12 50% learn spell, 7 max base, +3 NWP
Wis 13 55% learn spell, 9 max base
Dex. 13
Con. 14
Cha. 16 +5 reaction (d20)

Wand of fog (97)

AC-6 (-2 from behind or when surprised) First attack always misses
Green Dragon Hide Armor, Shield +1, Cloak of Displacement
(may cast in armor)

paralysis, poison, death magic 10
petrifaction, polymorph 13
rod, staff, wand 14
breath weapon 16
spells 15

Special Abilities:
Perceive Illusion
No chance to be affected by illusions of a 1st level illusionist
5% chance to be affected by illusions of a 2st level illusionist
10% per difference in level for other illusionists

Turn Undead (d20 for check, if successful, affects 2d6 individuals, lowest HD first)
Skeleton or 1 HD 7
Zombie 10
Ghoul or 2 HD 13
Shadow or 3-4 HD 16
Wight or 5 HD 19
Gasts 20
May cast 2 first level spell per day
Usually takes Phantasmal Force, Hypnotism

Spells Currently Known (Max 7 per Level)
Change Self, Phantasmal Force, Ventriloquism, Wall of Fog, Hypnotism

Priest (Granted by Garl Glittergold – Spheres of All, Combat, Protection)
Purify Food & Drink, Combine, Bless, Magic Stone, Endure Cold, Endure Heat,

Can try to learn Detect Evil
Illusionist spells not known by Digger (at current level):
Audible Glamer, Cantrip, Nystul’s Magic Aura, Spook

Garl spells not known by Digger (at current level):
Detect Evil, Shillelagh, Protection From Evil

Digger’s Spell Book (Illusionist spells from Vesperos)
(has 2 open spell slots ,detect illusion, detect invis, gaze reflection, color spray look the best)
1 change self, phantasmal force, ventriloquism, wall of fog ,Hypnotism (O)
3 spectral force

2 (base) + 0 (1st) = 2 Shortsword, Shortbow (from fighter)
Weapon: Short sword, Short bow (5/10/15)

3 (base warrior) + 3 (Int warrior) + 1 (base priest) = 7
From a child:
Gnome, Spoken (free)
Gnome, Reading and Writing (2 – taken as a warrior)
Once a guard in the Tower:
Common, Spoken (1)
Swimming (1)
Once a follower of Carnail:
Riding, Giant Bat (2)
Common, Reading and Writing (1 – taken as priest)



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