Awn (Awn Amarantha) Last Update 13 Pethboc 573 – 16 January 2009
Lawful Good

Level 6 Cleric (no further advancement)
Level 6 Fighter 39207xp (Needs 64001)

Hp. 27 AC-3 Green Dragon Hide,
(Sheild +1 Beach Head II AC -5)
(6d8 – next level will be d10)

Str. 18 110 pounds unencumbered, 255 pounds max press
Int. 8 +1 NWP
Wis 16 +2 save, +2 1st, +2 2nd
Dex 15 -1 to AC
Con 14
Cha 15 +3 reaction (d20)

Age 41 (middle-age) Height: 5’ Weight 137 pounds

Can cast 5/5/2
However, does not normally take spells since any spell use will eliminate fighter xp. This will end when she has achieved level 7 fighter.

Ring of Free Action

2 (base priest) + 1 (5th priest) + 1 (3rd fighter) + 1 (6th fighter) = 5
Mace, Morning Star, Throwing Hammer
Sword (Specialized)

Throwing Hammer (1/2/3)
To hit: +1 strength
Damage: +2 strength

Sword: 3/2
To hit: +1 strength, +1 specialization, Sword +2 = +4
Damage: +2 strength, +2 specialization, Sword +2 = +6

+2 to all magical, mental attacks (Wisdom bonus)
Saves Warrior Priest
Paralysis, poison, death magic 11 8
Petrification, Polymorph 12 11
Rod, staff, wand 13 12
Breath Weapon 13
Spells 14 13

A save that would fail as a warrior but succeed as a priestess causes her to lose all experience for the encounter and half the xp for the adventure.
4 (base priest) + 1 (Int) + 1 (4th mage) + 1 (3rd fighter) + 1 (6th fighter) = 8
As Priest
Cyndician, Spoken (free)
Cyndician, Reading and Writing (1)
Religion (1 – Cyndician)
Cooking (1)
Swimming (1)
Healing (2)
As Fighter
Blind Fighting (2)

Spells Known (Madrua Spheres: All, Combat, Guardian, Healing, Plant, Protection)
(All) Bless, Combine, Detect Evil, Purify food and drink
(Cb) Shillelagh
(Hl) Cure Light Wounds
(Pt) Entangle, Pass without Trace
(Pr) Protection from Evil, Sanctuary, Endure Heat, Endure Cold

(All) Chant
(Cb) Spiritual Hammer
(Gu) Silence 15’ radius, Wyvern Watch
(Hl) Slow Poison
(Pt) Barkskin, Goodshroom, Trip
(Pr) Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Withdrawl

(All) Prayer
(Gu) Glyph of Warding
(Pr) Dispel Magic, Magical Vestment, Negative Plane Protection,
Protection from Fire, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis


Awn was a priestess in the Warrior Maidens of Madrua in the Undercity of Cyndicea. Although she reached a high level as a priestess (6th), by middle-age she still had not had children. According to the Madruan philosophy, she had to stay a low-ranking Maiden and could not become a Matron or High Priestess until she had children.

When Carnail discovered the Undercity, Awn witnessed her fight against the hobgoblins and priests of Zargon. She was inspired to become a fighter in honor of Carnail, whom she believes to be an Incarnation of Madrua. At present, she is still a sixth level fighter, and so cannot use her clerical powers without losing experience. When she attains seventh level as a fighter she will be able to use clerical abilities without penalty.


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